Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Missing Runner

This is unfortunate. Apparently a pair of ultra-runners set out in California on Sunday for a 30 miler, got separated, then she disappeared. He was found alive yesterday. Authorities are scouring the area and ultra-runners are running the trails looking for Maria "Gina" Natera-Armenta, 34. Sheriff's deputies and U.S. Forest Service agents are using a helicopter and bloodhounds. But the dogs have their limits. "A dog cannot run that far, and their scent can only work for a mile or so," Sherriff Amormino said.

Hopefully she will be found, alive and safe.


  1. Yes, but was she a fast ultra-runner? She only matters if her pace was sufficient to meet your 'real runner' criteria.

  2. Ana,
    Get a life. Thanks for reading though!