Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sugar Rant

As part of the work that I do managing high dollar value civil litigation, I often hire law firms to handle cases all across the country. This ensures that around holiday time, little gifts of very fattening foods from those lucky firms start to arrive in the mail on a daily basis. Today I received a box of fairly high-end chocolates embossed with the firm’s name on each piece. Yesterday it was a large box of cookies. One firm always sends a 5 pound box of peanuts. It doesn’t let up until a few days before Christmas. Although I usually put the stuff out for the rest of the office, I have co-workers who are doing the same thing, so there is often a buffet of fatty, sugary snacks located smack in the middle of the office. I like to eat. I admit it. However, the rest of the year I can control what goes into my mouth because I work in a building located in the middle of the New Jersey swamps; there isn’t a decent store anywhere nearby. Anything I want to eat I have to bring from home. Thanks to the gym in the building I don’t gain a huge amount of weight every year, but for the whole month of December I find myself walking around either hyper from too much sugar, or crashing from its absence. I feel like a Christmas cookie drug addict. Ok, I’m off to feed the habit. Bye.

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  1. I'm with you on the December sugar rush... every day now when I get into work there are cookies, candies, donuts, etc sitting there in our kitchentte waiting for us .. thank heavens for running to take care of the calories but I need to find a remedy for the sugar headaches I get by 4pm each day ..