Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Travels

For some reason my Father's Day Post never posted. Here it is:

It’s Father’s Day and I’m flying on a very small plane over a very big country on my way to Boise Idaho to attend a mediation . There are a number of places I’d rather be on this day, but the demands of my job dictate that I exhibit a certain flexibility when it comes to travel arrangements.

I find staying hydrated to be one of the main challenges presented by frequent air travel. As a runner, I don’t like the idea of arriving at my destination with a fluid deficit, but the crowded flights that have become the norm in the twilight years of the airline industry, usually mean that I can’t get enough water, or get to the bathroom to pee it all out once I do get it. Flying is tough on the athlete. Maybe I need a flomax or something. Anyway, long lines for the bathroom are only a temporary inconvenience. Somewhat longer lasting effects of frequent air travel are the aches, pains and fatigue which result from sitting for untold hours in a chair clearly designed for a hobbit. The combination of limited mobility and breathing pressurized, stale, germ-laden air usually cause me to feel like I’ve picked up a minor case of the flu once I arrive at my destination. I have never really enjoyed a run within a couple of hours after being released (with no time off for good behavior) from coach class. Nevertheless, run I do. The new scenery can serve as a bit of a distraction, but overall I would have to say I slog more than run.

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