Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Being the neurotic sort, and bored to tears with the treadmill, I completely ignored my own advice and did a speed work-out today. 200m x 7 with 200m recoveries. I hit the doldrums at 1.75 miles, so I just said "fuck it", and punched up the incline and speed. The only good thing about a speed work-out on a treadmill is that the time goes by marginally faster. Plus, I get to watch TV. Which, I suppose, is a mixed blessing considering the programming scheduled for the noon hour on cable. I have managed to get all caught up on pretty much the entire broadcast history of Air Emergency on National Geographic, which has the added bonus of providing me with hours of white-knuckled anxiety as I fly around the country for work. I’m also partial to the Food Network. There’s nothing quite so satisfying as watching people prepare and eat huge portions of fatty foods while you’re grinding out five miles on a conveyor belt.

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