Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Own Private Idaho

I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly Boise is to runners and how many people in Boise engage in some sort of regular physical activity. The 72 year old mediator assigned to the case I was out here to mediate, told me his daily routine involves a six mile run in the foothills outside the City. He also takes his dog on 2 hour long runs on the week-end. Another attorney I was working with is a marathon runner, and so on. I was hoping to get an opportunity to do some trail running myself, but yesterday’s work-day went too long and I was exhausted from two weeks of running around the country so I hit the greenbelt trail for a five mile consolation run. The day before I did 10 miles on the Greenbelt soon after arriving in the City. The Boise Greenbelt trail follows the Idaho river and passes through a variety of parks, college campuses and other neighborhoods. The picture above is representative of the views from the trail.

It has become clear to me during my travels that people in the west have a very different approach to endurance exercise than those of us who call the East Coast home. Back home I can take off on a 6 mile run and never see another runner, even when I’m on a greenbelt or in a park. Out here in the West people incorporate their running and bike riding into their lives and look forward to getting outside to exercise. There are runners EVERYWHERE. It is nice to see.

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