Friday, October 2, 2009

15 Miles in the Bag

Yesterday I managed to get a 15 mile run finished before my first conference call. It’s been a number of years since I last ran 15miles, and although my brain had forgotten what it was like to run for two hours plus, my legs remembered the feeling pretty well. It was harder than I expected, especially that last two miles, when I felt like my feet were barely clearing the uneven sidewalk flagstones and my knees were reminding me that the last time I tried this I was a much younger man. Well, if I can do 15 I can do 18. If I can do 18, I can do 20, etc.

I hope I can get in at least two 20 milers before race day, but with the move and my upcoming trip to San Diego, it might be tough. I might try a long run in California if my work schedule permits. I find it very soothing to cruise along the beach. What better a place than California to enjoy a little LSD. (Long, slow, distance).

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