Friday, October 30, 2009

I got two flu shots on Wednesday and I’ve been feeling a little achy ever since. I’m not sure whether I am just catching what Jack and Erin have had for the last few weeks or if this is the result of the vaccines. I suppose the cause doesn’t matter as much as the effect.

I’m taking the day off from running because I want to get out there tomorrow and get in a 20 miler before trick-or-treating. The marathon is only three weeks away and I need to get in one more very long run before I begin to taper. Hopefully a mellow day and a good night’s rest will recharge the batteries enough for me to get out there and rock the run.

Su: 6
M: 5 (speed)
T: 5
W: 6 Tempo
Th: 5
Fr: off
Sat: 20
Total: 47

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