Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Training for and running the marathon was hard, but I’m finding the recovery part harder. I am unaccustomed to being idle and I’m chafing to get back out on the road and log some miles. A friend of mine who regularly runs 3 hour marathons at age 42 has been urging me to take off an entire week or two to let the muscles heal. That’s what he does and it makes him a faster, better runner. Intellectually, I know he’s right, but I’m an endorphin junky and I’m starting to get antsy without my fix.

I decided after the marathon that I would forgo running until the day I could walk down the stairs in my house without feeling any pain in my knees, hip or quads. Today was not that day. I’m definitely on the mend, but I think I need at last another two days before I can resume even light running without risk of injury. Ordinarily I would hit up the elliptical or stationary bike just to keep active, but I don’t belong to a gym yet in my new town and I’m off work until next Monday (no office gym) so my options are limited. I think tomorrow I’ll propose a pre-Thanksgiving walk in the nature preserve near the house. Walking is healthy, I hear. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


  1. Hope you're still recovering well and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. To you as well, a bit belatedly. I'm enjoying an active recovery. Got out for a couple of 4 milers at a snails pace. Feeling much better going into the week-end.

  3. I tend to go through running withdrawal as well after a marathon ... after weeks and weeks of running, its so hard to just stop.

    Good luck with your recovery ...