Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My babysitter just asked me for the day off tomorrow to go on a job interview, which torpedoes my chance of getting in a long run during the week. Instead I’ll be home with my son, entertaining him while simultaneously trying to get work done. He’s almost three years old and can’t quite comprehend why I have to do work on the computer rather than play with him in the park all morning. Frankly, I’d rather play in the park with him all morning, but the boss wouldn’t understand.

I suppose if it’s a nice day I can pump up the tires on the baby-jogger and get out there for 5 or 6. I haven’t used that thing for a while. When J. was a little baby I used to take him for runs in Silver Lake Park every week-end. We both appreciated the fresh air and got to know each other better. I remember thinking that his legs would never get long enough to reach the footrest at the bottom of the stroller-now they hang below it. Time passes so quickly. Less than three weeks to the Philly Marathon.

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  1. Hope it worked out! It's getting hard to do a long run in the reduced number of daylight hours.