Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring in my Step

Ah, springtime. Yesterday I hit the trails in the nature preserve near my house and had a wonderful time romping through muddy bogs and leaping over twisted tree roots. I’ve been waiting to do that run since the fall, but yesterday was the first time the weather cooperated. Running on trails with no marked distances is no trouble if you have a wrist-mounted GPS, as I do. My Garmin 305 faithfully marked off the miles as I picked trails at random and ran through fields of blooming Crocus. Of all the technology I’ve purchased over the years that little Garmin has given me the most bang for the buck. I take it every time I have to travel for work, which is to say, quite often. It takes all the guesswork out of measuring the distance of a run and has allowed me to explore new cities without worrying about staying glued to a marked trail. If only they’d make one a little more stylish.

The weather is supposed to stay warm and dry through the week-end and I’m looking forward to a few more trail miles. Happy Spring everyone.

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