Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update II

Man, I’ve been down and out lately. Last week-end I was struck by a stomach flu that had me off the roads for a few days. Moreover, due to a nagging shoulder injury I’ve been compelled to cut out the weight lifting. This past week I finally feel back on my game and have been getting in some good runs on the treadmill and even a few outside in the slush. Despite the fact that the recent storm left Long Island with over a foot of fresh snow, I can tell that Spring is in the air. My walk to the train station in the morning is now much safer, owing to the benefit of ever increasing natural light, and I even hear some very confused birds chirping away in their igloo nests high in the fir pines. I’m hoping to get the seeds planted this week-end. I think once the snow melts, which it hasn’t since December, the reality of warmer weather’s incremental approach will start to sink in.

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  1. We've had the best running winter up here in years but I've been unable to take full adavantage, with a bum knee and another health issue I have to take care of. But spring will come, and then summer!